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  1. Darkhero
    Darkhero Lengend~
    Hey dude are you still active? have any pointers towards a working hack?
    1. Lengend~
      Someone still makes hacks but they charge money.
      Sep 23, 2019
  2. happylacky
    happylacky Lengend~
    who is it? I'd be willing to buy the updated hacks
    1. Lengend~
      His discord is M0nster#3769
      Feb 6, 2019
  3. xMoses-_-
    xMoses-_- Lengend~
    Hey I was wondering if the rumble fighter hack still work?
    Any carat hack on rumble fighter?
    1. Lengend~
      Someone I know said he made updated hacks but isn't going to be free.
      Jan 17, 2019
  4. herbalpestsolutions
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  5. adixpl1221
    adixpl1221 HackHack
    I got news that this hack does not work am I right ?
  6. RoseMary33
    RoseMary33 Nybble
    bro, i need some help LuiG. why i keep getting gameguard error 114? on other pc and laptop i dont get it, game runs, but this "hack" of bonus boxes and EXP don't popup. even if i installed and reinstalled all C++ Visuals and redistributables? could ya help?
  7. OPKorean
    OPKorean Vap0rizerr
    Hey man can u help me download the akaboss hack pls
    1. Lengend~
      Read the guide again You better act fast cuz this is going to get patched.
      Feb 15, 2017
  8. santhack
    santhack Nybble
    hey man can you give me a link to download sydra nsz manager? there is no more links to download it
    il already have nszman but when i try to unpack stagetest.nsz it says "Unable to locate end of central directory record" and i dont know what to do for this
    1. Nybble
  9. Bradens
  10. babytoy178
    Hello. How are you if you visit my page, start a conversation. Leave a coment and i will respond back with kind gestures. Welcome back!!!!
  11. christo1
    Merry Christmas! Going to be giving away RF Accounts.
  12. Obligath
    Obligath Curtisfdkl
    Hey, the Geolatale hacks you posted went down...
  13. ragingatsuma
    ragingatsuma fly510
    Hey you still know how to do that strenght stack hack? did you manage to get enchant hack as well for latale?