Dear Lost Saga players,

The Lost Saga team would like to address the recent feedback we’ve received regarding first Premium Hero Sol Badguy’s release.

First of all, we’d like to apologize for any confusion that has been made from Hero Package’s description. The Hero Package was an item created before the idea of Premium Heroes was developed hence the description states any perm Hero is available to choose. With the release of first Premium Hero we have made a clear statement on the forums that the Premium Hero is unavailable from Hero Package to avoid any misunderstanding. We will also be editing the ingame description as well so it is clear in game that the Premium Heroes are not included in the package.

There are also questions being raised why the Hero Package was available for purchase before Sol Badguy was released - therefore misleading the community to believe that the Sol Badguy will be selectable from the Hero Package. The Hero Package offer (along with other ingame events and sales) is a scheduled event that was prepared and sent to IO Entertainment for approval nearly a month before its update. On the other hand, the release of Sol Badguy has been a long trail of back-and-forth negotiation among Arc System Works (creator of Guilty Gear), Sesi Soft (Korean Lost Saga publisher), and OGPlanet where the agreement has not been settled until few days before Februaty 24th update.

With the approval to release Sol Badguy just few days before this week’s update, many people at IO Entertainment and OGPlanet worked overtime to release the first Premium Hero in North America on February 24th with a short notice. We understood the community’s need for a Hero update and although releasing a Hero takes days of preparation many people sacrificed to bring this week’s update possible.

We also noticed that the players are curious about the concept of Premium Hero itself – why it is more expensive than the regular Heroes and why they are unavailable to obtain with Peso. Unlike regular Heroes, Sol Badguy and other Premium Heroes need an approval from the original creator for a license to use their character in Lost Saga – this means the creators who hold the license need to be paid for each of their character sold in game. The contract detail for each character is different and is also different for each server – details such as amount of loyalty. We are unable to release more info on North American Lost Saga’s contract detail on Sol Badguy, but as of now we can safely say that due to license issue Premium Heroes are unavailable for ingame money purchase and also unavailable to obtain from Hero Package which is a discounted offer of regular Hero that has lower value. The concept of Premium Hero is definitely a “special and rare hero” compare to all other Heroes – they are hard to get but also superior in every aspect.

Another note we’d like to make on is Sol Badguy’s time of release. The previous notice made regarding delayed Hero update mentions that the current NA Lost Saga client needs an upgrade to bring newer contents. Our current game client is v.20101007 and the contents released in Korea before October 7th 2010 are available in our version until the upgrade. Sol Badguy was released in Korea before this date and it has been available in our version for a release; however, as we mentioned above the contract with Arc System Works has not been finalized until recently and therefore a delay on Hero update was inevitable for past months. Version update is scheduled for this spring and we do apologize again for the delay on this version update.

We understand the community’s need of Heroes and Premium Heroes in North America and we will work hard to have all available contents released in our server as soon as possible. Although we cannot guarantee that we will be able to bring all Premium Heroes to our server we will try our best to bring every available content along with exclusive contents for North America in the future.

We thank you for your constant support and understanding.
Lost Saga Team