SkyBlock 1.4.7 Survival Map is one the most popular Minecraft Survival Island Map, a small block of dirt floating in the sky for all eternity. The are no secret chambers to explore, no mysteries to solve. Just some dirt, a tree and chest. This map is very interesting kind of map, survive as long as possible (which means you need to farm, make a house, and survive).

Skyblock Survival Map for Minecraft 1.4.7 Download:

Skyblock Survival Map 1.4.7

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SkyBlock 1.4.7 Survival Map Rules

No hacked clients!
No disrespect to any mods or admins!
Respect all players!
No griefing a town or village
Stealing and griefing (griefing to certain extent!) in the wild is aloud!
No harassment or racism in anyway!
No excessive language please!
Griefing other worlds such as skyblock or any adventure map we have will
Result in instant ban!