Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2, is a recreation of the popular combat mod for minecraft currently in development. The mod focuses on

Providing players with interesting and balanced combat features, including:
New weapons
Dual wielding of weapons
A shielding mechanic
An extremally high level of customisation for a select number of items
Opensource, meaning anyone is free to add to the code base

Heraldic Items

The heraldic items allow a player to customise their items by changing colours, patterns and vigils. This will all be controlled through a new GUI and an item (Heraldic Icon). When a heraldic icon is placed in a crafting grid with a compatible item, the item will take on the features of the heraldic icon. This could range from changing one or 2 colours to adding elaborate designs (think of it as leather armour dying on steroids).

Below is the GUI, this is opened by pressing the p key

Download: Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Mod for Minecraft 1.5.2
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