Adds Scythes, Reaping mechanics, Soul farming System, specialty items and equipment.
Harken Scythes: Six Scythes can be Crafted, Enchanted, and allows Reaping of Souls.
Soul Farming System: Use the Soul Altar and Soul Crucible to Enhance Items.
Livingmetal Forging: Craft many Iron based weapons, armor and tools for special self repairing equipment.
Soulweave Tailoring: Craft a new set of armor, providing benefits to Soul Feasting.
Teleportation: Harness the power of souls with Amulets to teleport player back to their Resting Place.
Resurrect: Allow the fallen to take your place, avoid death with the Talisman.
Spectral Phase Generator and Glass: Soulsand blocks and glass crafted from Souls.
Augments: Improve your weapons, armor and bows with unique abilities.
Spectral Potions: Brew new throw-able potions for combat and personal use.
Relics: Equip accessories which add a range of gameplay changing mechanics.
Spectral Dye: Dye your leather and Soulweave armor to be invisible when worn.
Harvest Moon Event: Let the Culling of the New moon begin!

Download: Harken Scythe Mod for 1.6.2
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