Auto Rank Pro Version 3.0 + Support TheMicroSword Assembly Team System 2012 Windows XP/VISTA/7

You can spend your Stages in 0 seconds with the rank you want. Details: In this version the AutoRank has a technical support is perhaps an error for which this although this has already been rescheduled for no fail but as all PCs are not equal, we have created this add that this car rank is technical suport. What I use is this Tech Support? This serves to fix the errors, for example there are PC's where the character dies and the Stage is not happening in the selected range, then this technical support to correct this error AutoRank Follow the running. ¿

Screenshot of hack :

How to use Technical Support?

Just go to the support section in the autorank give click start, then look for the library and then give Soporte1.dll click Fix Errors, however at the end of [COLOR=#006600 !important]video[/COLOR] how to use the autorank shows how.

Images: Running Today 02/04/2012

How to use the AutoRank:

AutoRank 3.0 by TheMicroSword Assembly Team 2012 - YouTube

How to Download:

[Tutorial] ¿Cómo descargar de ~ PunkH4xInd - YouTube

Download : Click here

Important Note:

The Hack is protected VMProtect Ultimate, so to download it should disable the [COLOR=#006600 !important]antivirus

[COLOR=#006600 !important][/COLOR], Do not be alarmed if they detected
as viruses, it's just protection.[/COLOR]