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  1. New unreleased Shaman ExoCore
  2. Tutorial Multiclienting is still here.....
  3. Tutorial [GLITCH] Kill your own team with the Easter Egg Bombs (without tk on)
  4. Release Map Swapper
  5. Newest Exo and Scroll IDS [February 26, 2013]
  6. Release Map Strings
  7. Release How to Medal "Hack"
  8. Release Super extra scroll ID!
  9. Release New unreleased items. [Post Feb. 4]
  10. Release Atlava Backpack V6.9.9.0 - 22th March.
  11. Release Two Useful android mob (Scroll) id's
  12. Atlava Backpack V6.9.8.6 - 16.January update
  13. Tutorial LeeLee Guide to making Carats!
  14. Release [Nybble] rfHacker
  15. Release hFire [ BETA ]
  16. Some kind of unreleased scroll id
  17. Tutorial How to get a [Free Items]-Tested-
  18. Tutorial Easy Carats Using Atlava Backpack
  19. Doubling bm chests and medals
  20. Tutorial How to add/edit items in Atlava Backpack V6.9.8.3 (Glitch Disallows New Items)
  21. Release *New Exo* : FrostBlaze Atlava backback item id
  22. Unreleased Exo/Scroll IDS (Mudang Staff and Male Dancer)
  23. New scroll ID
  24. Release Atlava Backpack V6.9.8.5 - 6.December update
  25. Wild Blood Exo ID
  26. Scroll id add ons to bunch of ids
  27. Release sumo id before it is even released =D
  28. Release Hawkhunter Scroll ID
  29. Hawkhunter ID
  30. Release verda coin hack
  31. Release RumbleX [ Trainer ]
  32. Release RumbleCheats v1.3
  33. Cool ExoCores I've Found!
  34. Release Sking Bot
  35. Release Simple Warning TuT
  36. Tutorial Metal Hack Automatic Bot
  37. hi guys
  38. Easy
  39. Release Rumble fighter - Shaolin Crane scroll [ID]
  40. Begginners System Hack
  41. Can anyone find the new exp code for the hack?
  42. Tutorial Fast Exp w/ Atlava Backpack For Friends/Mains
  43. Tutorial How To Win Every Guild War
  44. Release RFEU Shophack
  45. Release Shaman Exo Hack
  46. Release Here!
  47. Tutorial Medal Hack Tutorial ( Not My download just a tutorial )
  48. Tutorial How To Make A Three Round Boss Mode (Updated)
  49. Stagetest Bot
  50. Please Make me a hack for Gemfighter...
  51. Tutorial How To Make Medal Hack Work
  52. How To Open Scroll And Exocore Box Without Going To Level 9-11
  53. Tutorial Perm Scroll and Exo ^.^
  54. Release Please help a poor kid, gift ign roboticheart any good scroll and exo
  55. UnDetected Cheat Engine.
  56. William Tell Id!
  57. NEED HELP for install a MEDALS HACKS.....PLZZZZZZ
  58. Tutorial Astro buying glitch
  59. Release tRumblev v1.1
  60. Regedit/Astro Problem
  61. hey guys is there any carat hacks?
  62. Here is some helpful advice about the medal bot :D
  63. Tutorial Skipping Higher levels for beginner
  64. Tutorial Skipping High levels
  65. Release Medal hack regedit for x64 bit users / RF not installed glitch fix
  66. Vlad NSZ Problem
  67. Wrong Section; Posting Here To Be Seen Faster.
  68. Reposted-Medal bot
  69. Tutorial How do u get ur acc back if it failed to merge.
  70. Guaranteed Satisfaction Medal hack
  71. Tutorial Beginner system glitch
  72. Tutorial 30 Astros every Hour
  73. We Need Carat Hack !!
  74. Release Fast And Easy One Hour Runes.
  75. Does any1 know black cheshire or white chesire code?
  76. New System Scroll-Exo Glitches + Exp
  77. Tutorial Scroll/Exocore Glitch
  78. New Scroll: Liberty ID
  79. Tutorial Faster And Simple Way To Update RF
  80. Tutorial How to set our registries back to normal.
  81. Release qTick - Speed Hack
  82. Release stagetest.nsz - medals
  83. Release RumbleCheats v1.2
  84. [Preview] Rumble Cheats!
  85. [GM] name hack
  86. Why isint the backpack working!
  87. Release Swear Hack / Filter Removal.
  88. Release Swear Hack / Filter Removal.
  89. Hacking Peoples Accounts
  90. Release DLL Injector made by Ņi Hao.
  92. Release Rune Blessing Hack
  93. Release Rumble fighter Addies!
  94. Release rumble0 - Hackshield bypass
  95. Release Hackshield addies
  96. Tutorial Quick Rune Collecting
  97. Tutorial Medal Hack
  98. Tutorial Repost- Rebirth Hack
  99. Dll Inject0r [DOWNLOAD LINK + PICTURES]
  100. Release OGP Account Maker Beta 0.1 EU And NA
  101. HackShield bypass
  102. Release To all Those Fucking Idiots posting The Carat/Exp Addresses MUST READ
  103. Tutorial How to use Speed hack with CE
  104. how to get rebirth
  105. Tutorial New Op Codes BY SHADOWHAX
  106. Carat Hack Code
  107. Tutorial How to make two accounts wit one email
  108. Release Can anyone help me do the carat hack through teamviewer?
  109. Tutorial How to Carat or EXP Hack [In depth guide] [DETAILED]
  110. Exocore IDS
  111. Release SecretDataz Bot 2.0 PLUS
  112. Auto Clear
  113. Release Scrolls and exos codes!
  114. Can som1 recreate Vlad Chest hack
  115. Golden chest 2s id
  116. Tutorial How to get carat with Zed's OGP
  117. Carat/Exp service Back up with real prices sorry but rules
  118. Release Atlava Backpack V6.9.8 - Updated 12.08.12
  119. Tutorial To Better the Carat Hack (Didn't Test)
  120. Tutorial How to reduce your exp/level (Negative exp hack)
  121. Cheat Engine 6.2
  122. Release OPCodes As of June 7th 2012
  123. Release NEw Carat code after the update
  124. Video for CE
  125. Tutorial For people who still have the MSCVR100.dll error
  126. Release Plumb_T | Version 1.0.7
  127. Release Free rumble fighter accounts!
  128. Rumble fighter carat hack NOTE:i dont take any credit
  129. Tutorial A More Organized Cheat Engine HackTutorial for all!
  130. OMG everytime i try to do the Secret Bots Hack It Keeps Going To Boss Mode Help Me...
  131. I'm Back!!!!!
  132. Release New Op Codes 5/27/2012
  133. Tutorial Enchanting :]
  134. I need help....
  135. Tutorial How To Find Op Codes ; )
  136. Release New opcodes for eu
  137. New OpCodes 5/24/2012 (After Horny Set release, Kingpin, etc.)
  138. Tutorial To those people having problems with carat hack
  139. Release It's not really a hack but you can use it
  140. 4 new ID's
  141. De-Bug & Virtualized Dumped Client
  142. Carat Hack & EXP Hack codes + Programs (Tested 5/12/2012 *WORKING*)
  143. Buying an account I guess
  144. Tutorial Medal Hack
  145. New exocore Little Roge
  146. Release For the lazy people.
  147. Tutorial Bugg 80 medals, vlad hell! (3 boss maps)
  148. Finding exp/carat codes
  149. Tutorial Easier to Carat Hack plus Faster
  150. what is the eu carat hack code
  151. New Opcodes ( April 27th)
  152. Tutorial Multi Client
  153. Newest Scroll/Exo ID's
  154. Tutorial Faster Carat and Exp Hack
  155. Release THE RFNOHS or hwo ever it is
  156. Multi Client
  157. Exp Hack 1kexp each round
  158. Tutorial How to test out anything in RFEU!
  159. Tutorial How to use outdated hacks / patched hacks!
  160. Release Infinite healer
  161. Release AutoClear
  162. cheat engine
  163. i need inner fire or 200 astros-read for more info
  164. Release 32bit hackshield bypass
  165. De-Bug source
  166. Tutorial Tut For noobs How To Stat hack While Backpack is down
  167. Funny Body Glitch
  168. Tutorial MotionJoy - How to hook up your favorite controller to your PC or Laptop
  169. EU carat codes and how 2 hack it
  170. Cyclone and Kingpin ID (New Scrolls)
  171. Release Carat and EXP codes (03.30.2012)
  172. Black Out Scroll ID!
  173. Tutorial Carat / exp hack
  174. Tutorial Vlad bot :D
  175. Release Carat hack/Exp
  176. whats up with the hacks none work now a days...
  177. Newest Scroll/Exo ID's
  178. Tutorial How to control what you get from Golden Box II!
  179. Release UPDATED Vlad Hell Chest Hack 3/17/2O12
  180. Release funny little scroll glitch
  181. Release OMFG how to get any scroll you want no joke i just tried
  182. Tutorial How to use medal bot.
  183. Help
  184. Dragon Knight BM Set IDs!
  185. Can Anyone make a carat hack withouhgt a inpossible pass?
  186. Medal bot
  187. Release Carat and EXP codes (03.16.2012)
  188. Release Auto Clear Bot v0.1.2 Working as of 16th Marts 2012
  189. Release Golden chest II ID
  190. Release Golden Chest II ID 3/16/2012
  191. Tutorial Advanced System Care 5.1 (Optimizing RF)
  192. Release Premium Advanced SystemCare 5.1 Download (Helps RF)
  193. please gift me red leg on RF
  194. Release New carat and exp hack op codes
  195. No Carat Hack!?!?!?!!?
  196. i need medal hack
  197. RFnoHS Europe?
  198. Release Rumble Fighter NA No Hackshield!
  199. Release New Exo id Possibly Exorcist
  200. Release New Carat & Exp Codes + Exo code (Mar.08.2012)
  201. Open all..
  202. Tutorial How to Put more Gems in Items that have only 1 slot or without!
  203. Tutorial How to boost your FPS if you have low memory video card!
  204. March 2012 Atlava Backpacks Hacks? and INSTRUCTIONS!
  205. how do u scan item id's?
  206. Release Continously ReLogin
  207. Tutorial Cloud Come Here(Hack) JrDream
  208. Helping Hackers
  209. KEY IDS AND RELIC IDS leeched tho
  210. Release Nyyble auto clear but with a add on by me
  211. Release Medal Hack download no leech
  212. How to bypass help
  213. Release Rumble fighter ids :d
  214. Release Crzycoolboys Auto clear for NA___EU New
  215. Release Crzycoolboys Auto clear for NA___EU
  216. Gift JrDream Things Plz
  217. PLS give me link for NA shop hack pls pls
  218. Release Sunmudo and new exo codes
  219. Release New Carat & Exp Codes (Feb.23.2012)
  220. No Download Needed
  221. Merry Christmas
  222. Release Medal Hack with frens +80 Medals for everyone in Lobby + Chests
  223. Plz Gift XxDragonicxX scrolls,exo's,and clothes
  224. carat hack and exp already posted
  225. how to get valentine day 1 day free
  226. Medal hack and chest hack true
  227. Zed's OGP Account Creator v1.5!
  228. Release Valentine's Day Exocore Hack
  229. Release New Carat & EXP Codes 02/09/2012
  230. The New Exo trick
  231. Release The Long Awaited Telos?
  232. New Hack 80 medals and 3 chests per 3 seconds
  233. Tutorial Equipping two similar items at once
  234. Release OGPLANET Account Maker!
  235. Tutorial Vladmire Hacks:Tutorial on It from dcawesome
  236. Tutorial How to sell any amount of chests
  237. Auto clear bot
  238. Auto clear bot
  239. Tutorial New way of multiclient
  240. Release Rumbe Fighter Coin Hack
  241. [Tutorial] Super demote/death glitch
  242. Tutorial Vlad Hell Autoclear Video TUT (For Noobs)
  243. Release RF Medal Hack
  244. Release Bossmode Medal Hack
  245. Fast Medal hack-80 medal per 3-5 secs
  246. Request default_item.nsz
  247. How to get more than 1 chest each time in auto clear
  248. Release Medal Hack
  249. my rumblefighter.exe for cheat engine dont have memory view opcodes
  250. Tutorial Medal hack (its slow so if can someone make a bot it would be greatto it)