7 Little Words Daily Puzzle February 2017 Answers

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    7 Little Words Daily Puzzle February 2017 Answers and Cheats for iPhone, iOS devices, Android devices and Windows Phone. In this puzzle you will find 7 clues, 7 mystery words, and 20 letter groups. If you want to solve this puzzle, you must find the mystery words by deciphering the clues and combining the letter groups. You’ll also have a hint of how many letters are required to form a word.
    I hope you can have fun with this game, because I am also pleased to be able to help you. And yet, sometimes you will find yourself have a hard time to solve some of the clues. But, fear not! On this post, you can find the answers that you are seeking for to help you solve with a clue in the game 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle.

    7 Little Words February 2017 Clues and Solutions

    february 1

    Popular golf outing format – SCRAMBLE
    Inducts into office – INAUGURATES
    Baseball great Boggs – WADE
    Gets all the details from – DEBRIEFS
    Quickly rushed at – STORMED
    Panhandlers – MOOCHERS
    Doing some “cabinet work” – FILING

    february 2

    Examine, and then some – OVERANALYZE
    People east of the Dead Sea – JORDANIANS
    Homer and Marge’s youngest – MAGGIE
    Bone, in an Italian dish – OSSO
    Squeezes – COMPRESSES
    Related to a forearm bone – ULNAR
    Short musical piece – SONATINA

    february 3

    Thorough searches – SHAKEDOWNS
    Carbolic acid – PHENOL
    Made “hits” from “this,” say – ANAGRAMMED
    Paths between mountain peaks – RIDGELINES
    Czech composer Dvorak – ANTONIN
    Pertaining to the ear – OTIC
    Cite – REFERENCE

    february 4

    ETA and ARR, at the airport – POSTINGS
    Spanish boy of weather – NINO
    First Lady to JFK, briefly – JACKIE
    Unsaid – IMPLIED
    Tense situations – STANDOFFS
    Taking to the skies – FLYING
    More disgusting – ICKIER

    february 5

    Kind of helmet – CRASH
    Kind of hat – PANAMA
    Kind of topper – CAKE
    Kind of boater – SAILOR
    Kind of bonnet – SCOTCH
    Kind of cap – PERCUSSION
    Kind of derby – DEMOLITION

    february 8

    Former Houston NFL team - OILERS
    More irregular - SPOTTIER
    Play a harmonica, in slang - BLOW
    Giving a smack - WHACKING
    Dental surgery tools - DRILLS
    Venturing, as a guess - HAZARDING
    Having the same sound - HOMOPHONIC

    february 9

    Renders a pet less harmful - DECLAWS
    Florida explorer de Leon - PONCE
    Leaving in a hurry - BOLTING
    Perfume - ESSENCE
    Most heartless - CRUELEST
    Tennessee mountain chain - SMOKEYS
    More creepy - EERIER

    february 10

    Hockey scoring attempts - SHOTS
    Hybrids in the fruit aisle - PLUOTS
    Most adhesive - STICKIEST
    Selling too many tickets - OVERBOOKING
    French chanteuse Edith - PIAF
    Long skirts - MAXIS
    After-the-fact photo post - LATERGRAM

    february 11

    Snaps and buttons - FASTENERS
    Command to a playful dog - SHAKE
    Like the brain or ears - LOBED
    Making fun of - DERIDING
    Cornerstone abbreviation - ESTD
    Word on California's flag - REPUBLIC
    Theater companies' works - REPERTOIRES

    february 12

    Camera buff - SHUTTERBUG
    Aperture control - DIAPHRAGM
    Pocket-sized camera - INSTAMATIC
    Swedish camera maker - HASSELBLAD
    Camera stand - TRIPOD
    Choice of lens - TELEPHOTO
    One who sits for a picture - MODEL

    february 13

    In a candid manner - DIRECTLY
    Dance in the end zone, say - SHOWBOAT
    Another helping - SECONDS
    Conversation - EXCHANGE
    Shining brightly - BRILLIANT
    Said "No way!" - REFUSED
    Giving in to interrogation - TALKING

    february 14

    Modification - ADJUSTMENT
    Contents of an email - MESSAGE
    Unpleasantly ingratiating - SMARMY
    Not sitting idly by - ACTING
    Express regret - APOLOGIZE
    With embarrassment - SHEEPISHLY
    Made available to the public - RELEASED

    february 15

    Larger of Mars' moons - PHOBOS
    Believer in currency control - MONETARIST
    Most beloved - DEAREST
    "Wayne's World" co-host - GARTH
    Most deceitful - SNEAKIEST
    Break apart - BUST
    Nutrition experts - DIETITIANS

    february 16

    Cycling race venues - VELODROMES
    Asian rug variety - AFGHAN
    Kin of French horns - MELLOPHONES
    More skilled with tools - HANDIER
    Recovers from surgery - REHABS
    Portraying as evil - VILIFYING
    Apple headquarters - CUPERTINO

    february 17

    Points of intersection - VERTICES
    Heavy rainfalls - DELUGES
    Half a Pacific island - BORA
    Battled, as family members - FEUDED
    Tuna species - ALBACORE
    Francis Ford or Sofia - COPPOLA
    Partner of Crosby and Stills - NASH

    february 18

    Sweet-smelling ground cover - WOODRUFF
    Influence through persuasion - JAWBONE
    Naturally disappeared - BIODEGRADED
    Traces around the outside - DELINEATES
    Metropolitan, as planning - URBAN
    Purchase too much - OVERBUY
    Supplies with workers - MANS

    february 19

    Plastic used for pool balls - CELLULOID
    Plastic used for insulators - BAKELITE
    Transparency material - ACETATE
    Plastic Ono Band leader - LENNON
    Oily liquid used in plastics - STYRENE
    Like some plastic surgery - COSMETIC
    Seal in plastic - LAMINATE

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    That’s the answer for 7 Little Words February 2017. This game is the perfect free word game for you all. The game is very fun, challenging and easy to learn. You can tests your knowledge of the meaning of words and similar words. We guarantee you’ve never played anything like it before. Thank you for visiting.
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