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    May 27, 2013
    WTF is this?
    HackFairy consist of DropFairy and MesoFairy. Which are two separate programs that increase the rate of drop and meso for the player who uses them. For more information regarding the programs usage check "HELP" section on the website.

    HOW the heck?
    Anybody with even basic programming experience who would take a look at the game code would notice what a huge mess it is. Even now, after so many patches and updates, MapleStory code is a huge, bursting chaos. The method used by DropFairy and MesoFairy is actually years old. But it was never released to public. And as you might probably figure out by now - the method is based on the messy code of the game. Both Wizet and then Nexon, had a bad habit of disabling the needless content instead of erasing it. Inside the code there are many leftovers of various functions that never was officially enabled in game or the one which stopped being used. The player cannot access those functions from in game, but they still can be triggered from outside, and you would be surprised how many of those functions are still fully functional and working. They are just outside of the player reach.

    Who are you?
    I am professional programmer who just happened to be playing MapleStory. At least... i was. I was also one of the original coders of some famous Private Servers back in the days. But above all - i am a fair person. I don't support selling cheats and hacks or premium content. I consider myself a free man and so are you. We are equal. Or at least - we are supposed to be. I never had supported elites, and i never will. That's why DropFairy and MesoFairy are free for you to download.
    I am also Batman.

    Is this safe?
    Yup. I mean, as long as you have a brain. The worst thing that can happened is when you will overuse the cheats when having alot of eyes looking at you and get yourself banned. But don't blame me for that. People aren't that stupid you know - if mobs killed by another player are dropping loot like crazy it looks suspicious, and you cannot really blame them. Ergo - you might get reported. But thats all. Just use common sense.

    Download and Links
    You can download both Drop and Meso Fairy from their HOMEPAGE. I won't be posting direct links anywhere else. To learn why - check the F.A.Q. section on the website. Everything's there. So no need to spam this thread and duplicate informations(which apparently i did anyway lol).
    The website has been recently renovated and now looks more serious.
    Also if you have any concerns and need help with the hack feel free to contact me via the Contact Form provided on the website. I check PMs over here too but i prefer the messages to flow thru one pipe. This way you increases your chances of fast reply.

    DropFairy 1.48
    MesoFairy 1.19

    - - - Updated - - -

    added screenshot of the UI
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