Grand Chase 16800 Cash Exploit

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    Nov 10, 2012
    Provider: SponsorPay
    Name: Sheer Cover - Let the real you shine
    Location: 1st or 2nd page (may not be on these pages for you)

    How to complete:
    Fill out the using fake info (but use a real email address because you will need to get an email to complete this offer)
    For credit card, select mastercard and use one of the following credit cards:

    Expiration Date: 3/16
    CCV: 425 (they may not ask for it)

    Once you fill out the information and submit you will get an error. Try again with a different credit card and you'll get another error. About the 4th time you do this, you should be brought to a new page that says "Thank you for your order" and something like we couldn't verify your information or something like that. Don't panic, this is good. Wait about 5 minutes and then go back to sponsorpay.
    Click the support button and click the report a problem button next to the offer. Then scroll down and click upload button.Put a picture of the error as proof. Go to your email and you should have gotten an email from Sheer cover. Copy the email and paste it in the inquiry box and submit. You should receive your cash within about 30 minutes to a hour.

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