Release inside the= Kami hack ,super tubi,flyy mouse and more

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    May 15, 2013
    SpaceBot.exe download - 2shared

    If you are downloading this, I am not responsible for whatever happens to your Nexon account. You should know that all hacks have the chance of autobanning.
    One shall not not download it to upload it on another forum without credits. You have my right to upload it on another forum, if you keep the AdFly link and link to the original post.

    The Kami Vacuum is not flawless. One shall not complain about disconnecting after 10-20 minutes, I am working on this issue. If you are using Auto Refill, set HP alert and MP alert to 100% in the Option window of MapleStory. One shall not create a reply complaining about the Auto Refill not working for this reason.

    If you agree to follow and abide with the above terms, you can download Simple Kami Bot by clicking
    Simple Kami Bot (Kami Vac & Functions)
    Simple Kami Bot!

    Make sure to read the download terms before downloading. I will not reply back if I believe you didn't read the terms fully.

    Auto Attack = Control
    Auto Loot = Z
    Auto HP = Home
    Auto MP = End