Lumnious Guide

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    Aug 2, 2010
    Decided to add a guide for one of the newer classes, Luminous. To be honest, this is mainly for my own viewing pleasure, haha.

    Abyssal Drop: MAX
    Flash Shower: MAX
    Light Speed: MAX
    Dark Affinity: MAX
    Mana Well: MAX
    Standard Magic Guard: 0/10 (save SP)

    ylvan Lance - MAX
    Pressure Void - 19/20
    Black Blessing - MAX
    Spell Mastery - MAX
    Magic Booster - MAX
    High Wisdom - MAX
    Standard Magic Guard - MAX
    Blinding Pillar - MAX

    Spectral Light - MAX
    Moonlight Spear - 4/20
    Death Scythe - MAX
    Photic Meditation - MAX
    Lunar Tide - MAX
    Shadow Shell - MAX
    Dusk Guard - MAX
    Ray of Redemption - MAX

    Reflection: MAX
    Apocalypse: MAX
    Ender: MAX
    Morning Star: MAX
    Dark Crescendo: MAX
    Darkness Mastery: MAX
    Magic Mastery: MAX
    Arcane Pitch: MAX
    Maple Warrior: MAX
    Hero's Will: MAX