Release Make Your Own Jump Quest GodMode~!!!

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    Apr 19, 2010
    It's a method that's been around since the good old days when no delay erupted from the release of pirates and the famous nubcake patcher.

    it's really simple.

    Step1 : Click the ... and find your Map.wz
    Step2 : Untick all the checks, tick the last check
    Step2.1: Put damage in the bottom empty box and 0 in the next box
    Step3 : Click Process All
    PLEASE WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you'll see a processing line xxxx/6543?
    just wait till it's done, shouldn't take long.
    Step4 : Click Save to and save it somewhere.

    Picture Guide

    Excuse the funny lettering, I had my smexy assistant rush this for all of you ^.^ (ty cloud)


    Q: It didn't work!
    A: Try running as Admin for the vistaven computers(vista/7)

    Q: I'm a bit confused somewhere?
    A: The guide and picture is there, if you still need assistance, i will set up a time for us to teamviewer while i run it once for you to copy.

    Q: It doesn't work
    A: I forgot to mention to untick view only when u click process all but to tick it when you save >.< sorry

    Credits: Ruckus

    Use: DeMswZ