Release Merchant's pet 2.0 - Advanced Merchant Multitool

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    May 2, 2012
    If you ever merched, you know the frustration it comes with.
    You got to keep {Up, Up, Enter}ing in the right pace - not too slow so people won't block your message and not to fast because you will get the annoyying "Too much chatting can distrupt..."
    When you finally get a trade, you gotta leave the keyboard, aim you mouse at that tiny O to accept the trade and back to the keyboard.
    After having your hopes crashed by the other user's cancel. You have to click OK and it's back to spamming.

    Merchant's pet does the work for you!
    Simply write the messages you want to spam and click F1. Merchant's pet will spam for you, accept trades AND pause spam for you! and if the other user cancels - it will press ok and go back to spamming BY ITSELF.
    (Keep in mind that it's non-bannable since it's only simple mouse clicks - no bypasses, memory adressing and all that).


    I) Download Merchat's Pet from : Merchants Pet (2.0).rar
    II) Open Merchant's Pet
    III) Run Maple
    *This only works FOR GMS PLAYERS. It will not work for MSEA, KMS or any other client.

    Virus Scan :
    Instruction Video : [GMS] Merchant'sPet Review - A Complete Merching Assistant - YouTube

    1) HOTKEYS
    To make life even easier for you - Merchant's pet contains hot keys that can cancel a trade with an annoying customer or accept it!
    F1 - Start / Stop Spamming
    *Other then spamming, it also answers trades (if checkbox is checked), auto ok's if other user cancels (if checkbox is checked)
    F2 - Answers Trade (Presses O)
    F3 - Decline Trade (Presses X)
    F4 - Press Ok If other user cancelled
    F5 - Press trade button and then ok (you accept the trade)
    F6 - Press the cancel button

    2) Quick Messages
    Be honest, how many times did you write "how much?", "offer", "show and offer" etc...
    Well - not anymore! with 12 programmable shortcuts (Tab + (F1-F12)) you can say your usual lines in a click of a button! (well, two buttons)

    3) Hello Message
    Have to go for a second but want to keep auto spamming without other users canceling the trade (since you don't answer them) - No Problem! Hello message lets you set one of the quick messages to be automatically written at thebeginning of the trade. Set "show and offer" to be your hello message and half the trade is done without you moving a finger!
    To set a "hello message", simply tap the LABEL of the quick message you want. A red label indicates your current hello message. Click the red label again to disable hello messages.

    4) Save
    With all the options and programmable shortcuts that this program comes with. You sure don't want to program it more than once.
    Simply press the save button to save the file to a READABLE text file. The settings are automatically loaded from that file on the next program startup.
    The file is not encrypted and is easy to understand so you can edit it outside the program (although its not recommanded)
    For those of you who will edit it, the format of the file is :
    SettingName=SettingValue{SE} (SE = setting end}
    If you screwed up, simply delete the file, it will be created at the next startup

    Because of some issues , WindowsXP users should stay on window mode.
    Windows 7 or vista users don't. Just keep in mind that aero is disabled. But you can still fullscreen/window.

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do

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    Apr 30, 2012
    Thanks for this will use when I get unbanned from maple ;o