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    Mar 8, 2010
    well im having an issue getting this to work hopefully someone here just maybe have some knowlege on what i need to do.

    basicly im trying to get a ps2 game on my emulator to work. problem is every time i run the iso its not reading it or something errors and it shuts it down. im using pcsx2 (version 0.9.7) to run the rom (im trying to get the .hack games to work on it), and i already have a bios from my ps2 to run the program with.

    so its either im setting it up wrong or the rom i downloaded is garbage for the emulator. (i checked the emulator's capability charts and they say .hack should work on it) if you guys have any good roms for the .hack series (infection/mutation/outbreak/quaritien) please help.

    (fyi i already tried this guys files and its not working: SnesOrama Emulation Community - View Single Post - (PS2) .hack Part 1: Infection [PAL-E] [2.12GB] )

    so unless im doing this completly wrong which is very plusable someone who is experienced can TV me or something or can someone find me a better file to download. mega upload would be prefered cause i ended up buying anouther month of subscription, and if anyone helps me they can borrow my megaupload account till it expires. and a point reward depending on how well you help me (large one if u can get this to work).

    i really dont wana end up having to pay 180 bucks for the 4 games

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    nvm, i decided ill just try my luck and wait for a good deal on ebay. :/ if anyone still would wana help me out id be most grateful still
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    Apr 9, 2011
    A long time ago, I emulated a wii for my sister. I'm pretty sure this acts in the same way. Are the bios set straight?

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    Mar 26, 2010
    first i will recommend that u specify the fact that u already own ".hack" and a ps2 and u just want to use a backup of the game on the PC.
    Also unless u have a monster PC u will not run ps2 games on your PC
    did u added a video plugin that supports your video card & the game
    I tried this game and it worked (I have a slow pc so yes I did not pass the main menu)
    also u should try using all bios one at a time and see how the game reacts ;)
    That is all I can think of -.-''
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    Aug 17, 2012
    can't render correctly.
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    Sep 28, 2012
    is this emualator for ps1?