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    Nov 10, 2012
    Hello, so I'm here to tell all of you that i have decided to start up MySql and, get up all my old files and try to continue my old grand chase private server. now this is just a project.So don't get your hopes up if i do not finish it and even if i do it will not be 24/7.Or even up continuously because i am going to be running it on my laptop and i do admit i love to play other games or just sleep all day at times and I'm in school so i cant promise it being finished anytime soon but i will update this thread every time i make progress. so i can say it will be online before the end of this year hopefully but it may or may not be hamachi depending on if i can get a website or not.
    So this will be updated every time i have made a update on the private server that could mean having a huge impact and having it playable to just having all the files together i will provide images asap so wish me luck guys :D