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Discussion in 'Grand Chase' started by igoplop, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. igoplop

    igoplop New Member

    Feb 1, 2013
    It has 87250 CASH or Rage points (usable within all gamerage games)
    90k GP (ingame currency)

    I have the following characters at the following levels and job rank

    Jin lvl 49 --- 4th job
    Arme lvl 48 --- 4th job
    Ronan lvl 37 --- 3rd job
    Elesis lvl 37 --- 3rd job
    Lass lvl 35 --- 3rd job
    Lire lvl 34 --- 3rd job
    Seighart lvl 34 --- 3rd job
    Ryan lvl 32 --- 3rd job
    Mary lvl 23 --- 1st job
    Amy lvl 14 --- 1st job

    also have a 64% win rate in pvp

    Chester lvl 7
    Helper Bot lvl 32
    Kaze'Doggeh lvl 19
    Squire Gaikoz lvl 54
    Myurin lvl 31
    Golden slime lvl 7
    Slime egg lvl 0

    --Mary has a full set of cash equips from event possibly, i forget (maid of clubs armor & accessories) lvl 20 set
    --Elesis has three pieces of event (i think) cash equips lvl 35 (fionns legendary helm, upper armor, and shoes)
    --Jin has two pieces of cash equips (from event?) Evil lord helm and gloves lvl 40
    --Also have cash acessories (souls, clown mask, clown hat) and a lot of old event acessories.

    they all (except amy and ryan) have lvl 5+ necklaces, arme has lvl 9 light, lire has lvl 9 heart, jin has lvl 9 fire, lass has lvl 9 ice

    All their skill points are unexplicably unused (maybe an event that i didnt play through?)

    I'm considering anything above 140, as that was the price offered.

    you should contact me at [email protected]
    i can provide pictures upon request.
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  2. TearDontFall

    TearDontFall New Member

    Nov 10, 2012
    you cannot sell this for real currency only points please go somewhere else or ask for points and this seems fishy more like hacked cash + illegal = jailed for getting this account so please make it cost points or go another place
  3. igoplop

    igoplop New Member

    Feb 1, 2013
    sorry about that, let me delete this thread.
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