Selling NAGC Account.

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    Feb 7, 2013
    Title says it ^ I have had this account since DK came out near the open release of NAGC I have taken a few screenshots I did edit out of name and clan name for now and I only got a fraction of the items and rares, I have cash sets from S3, Kamiki weapons etc. Lots of pets some discontinued stuff 4th job promo items from the release. All characters have all skill key sections unlocked and I have 7 extra skill keys 30 rings of beefiness from an event you can activate 1 day at a time, plenty of fusion coupons left to use, stat resets, SP resets, instant level scrolls for weapon upgrades (12,11,12) lots of pets and 2 pet manuals for an instant evolve

    I have lv 80 Sieghart with full Hero Dungeon skin and the Pearl of Persephone earrings a lightning neck (9), Full Baldr with good cards every piece is above +12 and a nightmare circus helmet with full EXP cards.

    Level 75 Mari with full Nutcracker and a bunch of skins to cover the ugly ass armor up and a relic nightmare circus helmet full of EXP cards.

    Level 72 Lire full nightmare circus helmet full of exp cards and a light necklace (9).

    All character have all of their highest jobs except Amy and Dio (Dio is 1 behind but had the level for the job change ) I have above 50% pvp record awesome name and guild at the second highest tier, tons and tons of cash items etc. that aren't listed here and I have screenshots for everything here just ask me I can't post links on here until 15 posts I don't really desire to become part of the community here there are just few places to post accounts for GC.

    Season 3 Captain Pilot on Ronan , Season 3 Castle Lord on Lass , Justice bounty hunter skin for Rufus (came with his release) tons and tons of random rares / cash items / collectibles.

    Please E-mail me for a faster response [email protected], I can provide screenshots etc. upon request, if you have any questions or concerns please Email me :D thanks for your time !! I can accept PayPal or RSGP if you have it I just kind of need money and do not want this account anymore so please make an offer.

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    Bump for the awesome account :D
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    Nov 10, 2012
    no one will pay 20$ for that account because 1 you could get all that stuff and MORE if you go up to someone in gc with a nice account and offer 25$ for it .
    2nd your account only has lvl 80 sieg :/ mine has lvl 85 so yea