Selling North American Grand Chase Account (cashed account)

Discussion in 'Grand Chase' started by jenirin, Aug 24, 2013.

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    Aug 24, 2013
    - This account has over $2500 worth of cash items
    - This account is for the North American Grand Chase
    - Important to note: There are 5 nickname change cards, to fully change the name of the account
    - All characters, except Asin, are unlocked and at the max job change
    - 41 pets in total
    - Almost every character has a seal breaker, gacha set, or cordi and then some
    - Playhouse is fully decorated
    - All dungeons are unlocked, all difficulties
    - I will give you the login, password, secret answer, and change the e-mail upon successful trade
    - PM me offers
    - PayPal only

    Character levels, and max stats:
    Elesis: Level 71, SS
    Lire: Level 82, SS
    Arme: Level 78, SS
    Lass: Level 58, S-
    Ryan: Level 82, SS
    Ronan: Level 70, S-
    Amy: Level 71, S
    Jin: Level 72, S
    Sieghart: Level 70, S
    Mari: Level 73, S+
    Dio: Level 75, S
    Zero: Level 59, A+
    Ley: Level 80, S+
    Rufus: Level 71, S
    Rin: Level 65, A+
    Lime: Level 39, A-