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    Nov 10, 2012
    Hey guys before i start id like to ask to not get any warning for this thread and if required i will delete this if any staff ask

    Now that's out of the way! lets get down to business I'm here today to inform all of you wonderful beautiful people about this awesomely fun and addictive gunz private server it is fast to download fun and friendly community
    its sort've new though so yea :D

    anyways theres the following included in the server its no SSgunz or Elitegunz or Dark gunz or even Freestyle gunz but its pretty fun as you can see in this video. :)
    Rebirth system at lvl 93 for rebirth coins to use on webshop
    Kill coins for every kill you get you recieve a coin wich can used to buy things in webshop
    Forums and fast responses
    Clan wars
    Anti Lead
    Subscribe to there youtube channel(EvilGamerzReview) and get a free youtube jacket in game
    Custom unseen dungeons
    New Never before seen features
    Website Right here Click me :D
    come help us grow today :D

    p.s. they have a ton of events im not really sure how many players max they have since i checked out the game at 3am lol so far ive seen 54 at most thats at 12pm
    anyone who joins ill help you level up
    my Ign: is GhostSlayerz or Ghost69 whichever char im on.
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