Release Ver 116.1 Full Godmode [Physical/Magical/Map Immunity]

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    How to prepare and use .wz edits~


    Open your MapleStory folder, for most of you, this step would be "C:\Nexon\MapleStory\"
    The next step, is to make a backup of the file you're going to alter. The simplest and safest method to do this, is to make a new folder in your MapleStory folder explained in step 1. You can name it whatever you wish to or simply name it Backup.
    Now comes the actual step of backing up. Lets say you're downloading a skill.wz patcher. you would go to your MapleStory folder, right click skill.wz, click copy, go into the Backup folder you made in step 2, then right click and click paste.

    The Patch Process~

    Now you've probably downloaded the patcher. If you're running Windows Vista or 7, you may want to right click and click run as Administrator. XP users may just start it up.
    The patcher will ask where you would like to patch. At this point, you would tell the program to find the directory that i pointed out in step 1 of the preparation guide, your maplestory folder.
    Follow the instructions provided by the patcher and all should complete properly. (Some patchers require you to have a clean file. My patchers however will patch over anything, even if you previously patched.
    Wait for it to complete. It's normally quick but this part may vary depending on your computer.

    The Use Process~

    Be sure that the new skill.wz file is in your maple folder. To do this, simply compare the number in the file size to the clean one, they should be different.
    After you're sure you patched properly, start up maple and enjoy the edits you have downloaded.

    Mob.wz Full Godmode

    Map.wz Map Godmode<br /> /f...c1c3/analysis/
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