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    May 11, 2014
    Hello everyone I sell my account S4league ( Pro lvl 65 ) for money in PAYSAFECARD Only

    lvl: Pro 65
    combi: lvl 1 ...... :'(
    pen: 1.300.000 :O
    GC: 50
    coupon: 22


    1*Netsphere Magician (M)
    2*Special waiter (M) X3
    3*Pirate (M) X3
    4*Dark Assasin (M) x2
    5*Water sports (M)
    6*Hunter Darten (M)
    7*Kung Fu fighter (M) X3
    8*Clock rabbit boy (M) X4
    9*Burning Winter (M) x2
    10*Sweet Bear Hood (W)
    11*Smart Alice (W) X4
    12*Wicked Jocker (W) X3
    13*Hunter Damia (W) X4
    14*Chipao Girl (W) X2
    15*Sexy Summer Bikini (W) x2
    16*Pirate (W) X2
    17*Cooker (W) X4
    18*BackStreet Girl (W: pen stat) X2
    19*Cheerleader (W: pen stat) X2
    20*Boxing Girl (W: pen stat)
    21*Angel Padding (W: pen stat)
    22*Punky Girl set (W: pen stat)


    1*Death Scythe of Skeleton (Fp)
    2*Guillotine CounterSword (Fp)
    3*Taser Sword (Fp)
    4*Bloody Spy Dagger (Fp)
    5*Crow Counter Sword (Fp)
    6*Assassin Spy Dagger (Fp) X2
    7*Gate Breaker (Fp)
    8*Crash Storm Bat (Fp)
    9*Viola Katana (Fp)
    10*Darkness Twin Blade (Fp) X3
    11*Crystal Plasma Sword (Fp)
    12*Tachyon Iron Boots (Fp) [The new weapon]
    13*Twin Blade (Pen: +8%) X7
    14*Counter Sword (Pen: +7%) X7
    15*Plasma Sword (Pen: +8%) X6
    16*Storm Bat (Pen: +8%) X4
    17*Crash Storm Bat (Pen: +1%)
    18*Breaker (Pen: +7%)
    19*Laser Cat (Fp)
    20*Dha-14 (Fp) X2
    21*Shark Submachine Gun (Fp)
    22*Classic Burst Shotgun (Fp)
    23*SnowDrop Dual Magnum (Fp) X2
    24*Bubble Homing Riffle (Fp)
    25*Semi Riffle (Fp) X2
    26*Submachine Gun (Fp)
    27*Semi Riffle (Pen: +7%) X4
    28*Submachine Gun (Pen: +8%) X4
    30*Smash Riffle (Pen: +5%) X5
    31*Gauss Riffle (Pen: +7%) X4
    32*Spark Riffle (Pen: +7%) X3
    33*Dha-14 (Pen: +1%)
    34*Assault Riffle (Pen: +7%) X3
    35*Puppy Revolver (Fp)
    36*Skull HandGun (Fp)
    37*Revolver (Pen: +7%) X6
    38*Burst ShotGun (Pen: +8%) X4
    39*HandGun (Pen: +7%) X2
    40*Shadow Turret (Fp)
    50*Heavy Machine Gun (Pen : +5%)
    51*Air Gun( Pen: +3%)
    52*Turret (Pen: +8%)
    53*Signal Rail Gun (Fp) X2
    54*Dragonade (Fp)
    55*Cannonade (Pen: +5% / +3%) X2
    56*Rail Gun (Pen: +5%) X2
    57*Honey Bee Sentry Gun (Fp)
    58*Magic Cube (Fp)
    59*Antique Sharp Shooter (Fp) X2
    60*Crystal Plasma Sword ( Pen Stat : +10% )
    61*Taichi Twin Blade (Fp)

    Pets and Skills:

    2*Black Dragon
    4*Space Rabbit
    5*Ice Block [ The New Skill ]
    6* +30Hp
    7*Wings Of Death
    8*Golden Metalic
    9* +15Hp
    10*Anchor X2

    Extra Items:

    1*Crown Of Queen (W)
    2* Dandy Sunglasses Type-M (M)
    3*Unique Booster X2 (200 DAYS)
    4*Afro Hair
    5*Horns Of Death Queen ​
    How To Contact Me :
    For Contact Add Me Skype : SoulEater175
    Share Screen Is Available
    I Only Sell Vs Money Via PaySafeCard (No Trade Sorry)
    I don't Give Account Information First , I Only Give Them When I receive Money
    And Thanks Everyone For Reading My Thread ​
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    May 11, 2014

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    May 11, 2014